Flavor Your Popcorn to Your Own Taste
This electric popcorn maker doesn't require any oil, so it reduces calories and doesn't have the greasy taste of cooking oil. However, if you want to season your popcorn, simply pour your favorite seasoning over the fully popped corn afterwards.

Fast and Healthy Hot Air Popping
Heated air blows the kernels around for an even, non-burning, oil-free popping, and then blows the popped corn out of the popcorn maker's mouth.

Easy and Safe to Operate
The popcorn machine can be turned on and off with just one button. It does not turn itself off, but will stop heating when it reaches a certain temperature.

Anti-Slip Pads
Thanks to the 4 anti-slip pads, the popcorn maker won't move around while working and the machine's tower structure is stable enough to hold it in place.

Heat Dissipation Function
The lid is designed with many heat dissipation slots to make the air popcorn machine more durable.

Model Number:聽PA1

Voltage:聽120 V, 60 Hz

Power:聽1200 W

Net Weight:聽鈥1.8 lb

Product Dimensions:聽(5.7 x聽5.7 x 10.7) in

Package Contents:聽1 x Popcorn Maker, 1 x Machine Lid, 1 x Top Cover, 1 x Instruction Book