5-in-1 Function
It has quick heating, heating supplement, 24-hour thermostat, defrosting, and steaming functions. It also has anti-dry burn protection, making it the perfect gift for every mom.

Quick Heating in 3 Minutes
The 400W ultra-high power baby milk warmer can quickly heat 2oz (60ml) of milk from 5掳C (41掳F) to 37掳 (98掳F) in 3 minutes.

24-Hour Thermostat Function
Newborns often wake up every 3-4 hours and continuous feeding times can be exhausting for parents. WS1 keeps milk at a constant temperature for 24 hours, always ready for feeding the baby.

Preserves the Nutrients in Milk
Using gentle "water bath heating" technology, the temperature is accurate and heated evenly to fully preserve the nutrients and vitamins of milk.

Compatible with Different Brands of Bottles
With a 4" diameter opening, the Breast Milk Warmer WS1 is compatible with most major brands of baby bottles.

Easy To Clean
The 10-minute steam function allows milk limescale to be easily removed from bottles and teats.

Model Number: WS1

Capacity: 6.8 oz聽/ 200 mL



Voltage:聽120 V, 60 Hz

Power:聽400 W

Heating Tempature: (95~ 140) 鈩

Sterilizing Temperature: (86~176) 鈩

Auto Shut-Off: Yes

Unit Weight:聽1.3lb / 610 g

Dimension:聽(5 x 5.5 x 11.8 ) in/(鈥12.6 脳 14 脳 30) cm

Package Contents:聽1 脳 Warmer with LCD Panel, 1 脳 Lid, 1 脳 Steamer Basket, 1 脳 User Manual