High Capacity Ice Maker For Fast Ice Production:

This ice maker can produce 100 pounds of square ice in 24 hours and the ice storage bin can hold 33 pounds of ice at a time. Each round of 54 ice cubes takes 5-15 minutes to make.

Adjustable Ice Thickness:

The standard size of each ice block produced by this commercial ice maker is 0.9" x 0.9" x 0.9", but the thickness of the ice blocks can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the ice making time, so you can get any thickness you want.

Durable And Energy Efficient:

This large commercial ice maker is made of brushed stainless steel for durability and sturdiness. In addition, the compressor is powerful and efficient, which makes the ice maker work with low noise and low energy consumption.

Easy To Install And Use:

The CIM1 ice maker can be directly connected to a water pipe, press a few buttons and ice making begins. It can be used either as an under-counter ice maker or as a freestanding ice maker. Includes water inlet and outlet pipes, and a large ice scoop.

Model Number: CIM1

Style: 100LBS/24H

Color: Black and Silver

Capacity: 100 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Installation Type: Undercounter

Power Source Type: AC

Voltage: 115 volts

Operating Frequency: 60 Hz

Refrigerant: R290

Special Features: Self-Cleaning, 24H Timer, Undercounter, Freestanding, Adjustable Ice Thickness

Item Weight: 26.76 kg / 59.0 pounds

Product Dimensions: 15.75"D x 17.64"W x 31.42"H

Package Contents: 1 x Ice Maker, 1 x Take Ice Scoop, 1 x Manual