Acekool was founded with one objective in mind:

To offer real home and kitchen solutions at revolutionary prices, all while redefining how the modern abode should look. It's not your parents' home, and these are not your parents' appliances.

Why do we at Acekool spend our days designing modern solutions for home and kitchen appliances you actually like? Because we can, and because we care.

Meet Dr. Patrick. Before he was Acekool's founder and CEO, he was a fledgling engineer tweaking and selling his appliance designs out of the garage of his Seattle home.

Inspired by his time in the crisp, cool, yet vibrant and forward-looking suburbs of Seattle, Dr. Patrick saw the potential for appliances that connect with a more modern outlook, aesthetic, and lifestyle.

Dr. Patrick went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Computer Science, work with Microsoft, and gain numerous honors in his field.

Soon, his expertise combined with that of Acekool lead engineer and design directors, Tom and Huang, with just under 40 years of combined experience designing products that shaped brands such as Motorola, Xiaomi, Midea, and more.

From there, many others from all over the world have joined the Acekool mission to reveal the next generation of lifestyle electronics.

Our Mission

To leave behind a better life for the next world through novel solutions of our time.

Our Vision

To lead the industry towards a new way of thinking.

Our Address

Acekool Innovation Inc.

14550 Interurban AVE S STE A100
WA 98168