Schmear Recipes For Your Bagel

Schmear Recipes For Your Bagel

bagel with schmear on table

Everyone knows what delicacy bagel with schmear is. Today, famous food joints like Einstein’s, Kettleman’s, and many others are popular for their bagels with schmear. That’s what America, especially New York, does the best in food — mash-ups just like cronut and ramen. 

Originally, bagels were made mysteriously in New York. And, it’s was earlier enjoyed with Lox. Over the years, schmear or simply flavored cream cheese took over Lox and the rest is history. Today, bagel with schmear is comfort food for many. Let’s find out a little about the two most famous types of bagels with schmear in America — New York and Montreal. 


New York VS. Montreal Bagels 

The rivalry between New York and Montreal bagel isn’t new. Both types of bagels with schmear taste quite distinct yet there’s a debate as to which tastes better.

Well, New York bagel with schmear is popular for no specific reason other than its boiled first, then baked process. New York bagels owe their taste to 1800s’ Poland Jewish tradition. Interestingly, New York bagels are made using regular tap water. Many bakers believe it gives bagels a distinct taste. 

Coming to Montreal bagels, which are quite different from New York ones in taste, texture, and size too. These bagels are slightly bigger with crunchier crust. Likewise, the taste also is sweet, as these Montreal bagels are boiled in honey water. Also, these bagels have a larger hole compared to NY ones. So, the bagel dough tube formed is thinner than NY bagels. 

Coming to which tastes better, well, this is quite a subjective opinion, however, we like the New York bagel.  Well, Montreal bagels taste excellent with their own schmear but you get a fewer variety. However, NY bagels outlets have more flavors of schmear to offer. And this makes New York bagels taste much better than Montreal ones. It’s the magic of flavored cream cheese on New York bagels that adds to the deliciousness. 


bagel with schmearBagel with Schmear Recipes 

Schmear or cream cheese recipes are just fun to make. In New York, we love Einstein Bros. schmear recipes. Before we see how to make some lip-smacking schmear recipes, you must also see if you have helpful kitchen tools such as a stand mixer. Note that a stand mixer like AceKool’s MC1 stand mixer can make beating the cream cheese, mixing flavors easier and super fun. So, let’s take a look at the yummy schmear recipes.


Roasted Garlic and Herb Schmear

Quite popular, roasted garlic and herb schmear is a simple recipe. Let’s make it Einstein Bros style.


You’ll need a tub of softened Philadelphia cream cheese, one and a half teaspoons of Gourmet Garden garlic paste, a little dried parsley, and salt. 


Pour the cream cheese into a stand mixer bowl and whip until smooth. Then add other ingredients and mix well. Viola! Your roasted garlic and herb schmear is ready. 


Strawberry Mashed Schmear 

Love bagels a little sweet (like Montreal one)? Well, we love it too. Following Einstein Bros recipe again to make the most loved strawberry bagel schmear. Let’s begin. 


Gather a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese, 3 tablespoons of sugar, ¾ teaspoon of strawberry extract, and a drop of red food coloring. Skip food coloring if you don’t like added colors. 


 Just like the roasted garlic and herb recipe, whip the cream cheese in a stand mixer until smooth. Then add the remaining ingredient and stir well. Let it sit for 5 minutes and stir again. Then add to your bagel to enjoy delicious sweet strawberry schmear.   


Chive-Onion Schmear 

In the mood for something savory! Make a chive-onion schmear for your bagel.


Get cream cheese blocks, 4 tablespoons of finely minced chives, 2 tablespoons of minced onions, and 1 clove of garlic. 


You must start by whisking the cream cheese using a stand mixer until smooth. Then add the remaining ingredients and give a good mix. And enjoy with a delicious NY bagel. 

Try out these recipes and don’t forget to use a stand mixer for cream cheese. Using a mixer gives the cheese that perfect consistency and fluffiness. Also, experiment with different flavored schmear to enjoy your bagel. 


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