Healthy School Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Prepare

Healthy School Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Prepare

Healthy School Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Prepare

Delicious and Healthy School Snacks for Kids for Homecoming Day

Feeding kids is a tough task because they tend to be very picky with food. Talk about vegetables or fruits and they will run miles away from you. But, talk about pizza night and they immediately start placing their orders. The world has got adults and kids alike addicted to junk food. Junk food is fine once in a while but every day can affect your health and stamina in the long run.

But, kids will never listen to this boring science lecture. As parents, we must feed them healthy food which includes vitamins, proteins, and other needed nourishment to keep them healthy. Even though it is a tough task to make them eat these healthy meals, we must never give up. 

Studies prove that kids often try food that is presented well. Therefore, presentation matters. But don't worry, this is not difficult. Here are some easy-to-prepare healthy school snacks for kids that they will love and eat heartily. Also, with the homecoming day around, they will have a wide variety of healthy food eat and share with friends. So, read on to know what recipes you can try out.


Zucchini Pizzas

As we are talking about pizza and presentation, zucchini pizzas are the easiest way to melt the heart of your kid. Cut the zucchinis in the usual round and top it with what your kids like the most. It could be bits of chicken and some carrots topped with cheese or hummus. Mayonnaise might also be a good option but not healthy like the other option. You can also top it with sliced jalapenos or olives to give it a 'restaurant' look.


Make four or five of these for your kid according to his/her appetite. What's even better is that all you need is an air fryer to cook these in. No oil usage, what can be healthier than this right? Try the Acekool Air Fryer FT1 for this recipe. Easy to use and gives you good delicious food!

Zucchini is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. Choose your toppings wisely, taking into consideration the source of nutrients each provides.  


Hard-boiled Eggs

Eggs are an easy source of protein and hard-boiled eggs are easy to make. Cut up the hard-boiled eggs into slices and add a dollop of ketchup to heighten its taste. You could even draw a smiley face with the ketchup on the sliced eggs.


Eggs are a prime source of choline, a nutrient that is important for brain development. They are also a source of Vitamin D and Vitamin A. Eggs can fill your kids easily, so they won't be asking for more food any soon. If you want, you can also, make fluffy omelets for your kids too. To give it that fluffy texture, you can mix the eggs in a mixer. You use the Acekool Mixer MC1 to whip the eggs well enough so that it turns out to be all fluffy and soft.


Ants On a Log

Ants on a log are the easiest to make and are one of the most delicious-looking snacks. Pick up a few sticks of celery, stuff it with hummus or cheese and top it with olives, jalapenos, or raisins. Choose the toppings and the stuffing that your kids like the most. Celery is a great antioxidant and helps in digestion. Besides, you can make the delicious hummus in a blender for that smooth and creamy texture. You can try the Acekool Blender BC2 to make the hummus spread and your kids are sure to love it. These make for really good healthy school snacks for kids.


Fruit Cups

Fruit cups are the best healthy snack for kids. Make sure that you pick the fruits that your kids like the most. Apples, bananas, peaches, oranges, cherries, and grapes are generally loved by kids. Cut it up in certain shapes if you have the time to give it a presentable look. If you are feeding kids below the age of six make sure you cut the fruits into smaller pieces so they don't choke on them.

Fruits are a good source of nutrients including a variety of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, potassium, etc. Fruits like bananas help in digestion and others like oranges, watermelon and mango give glowing skin. There are a variety of other benefits of fruits; therefore, it is important to include fruits in your kid's diet.


Grilled VegetablesGrilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables have a special taste. You toss it in some butter and olive oil, kids might just love it. Even the most disliked ones like broccoli might pass the test. Just like fruits, make sure you pick a selection of vegetables your kids like the most. Pour some olive oil or butter into a pan and toss the vegetables in it. Sprinkle some salt and pepper for added taste. Vegetables give a big nutritional punch to the kids. Adding bits of leafy spinach would be good as well because it is a powerhouse of iron for energy and healthy blood, and magnesium for muscle and nerve function.

The above-mentioned are some healthy snacks for kids that you must try out.  Many didn't make the list that children might be interested in. For example, roast beets. Kids with a sweet tooth would love this. You just need to wash the beetroot and pop them in the oven. Once they are baked, you can easily peel off the skin. Or even some roasted peanuts and almonds and so much more.


You need to teach your kids healthy eating. Sometimes it might be a tiring task but keep at it. It is necessary to make healthy eating a habit as it is good for your kids in the long run. So gear up and make all these healthy snacks for your kids because as mentioned Homecoming Day is around the corner too.

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