What Are Hand Mixer Attachments For?

What Are Hand Mixer Attachments For?

Hand mixers are an essential handheld tool for kitchen use. While hand mixers most commonly find their uses in baking, there are plenty of other uses for them as well. This particular device eliminates the hassle of mixing substances using a spoon or a spatula. Since it is electric, you simply need to hold it still while it does its mixing.

A hand mixer is essentially an electric handheld mixing and blending tool that has two removable metal beaters. These metal beaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each one has its own unique functionality. Some models also have additional accessories as well, such as a whisk. Even if you don’t bake a lot it is an essential addition to any kitchen as it is versatile. A hand mixer can be used for a variety of purposes like mixing, blending, whipping, and beating a variety of foods. 

Uses of a Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is a kitchen appliance made for convenience. The range of foods that can be mixed with a hand mixer is vast.  It's a great tool for whipping cream or eggs, mixing cake batter and cookie dough, and making icing for cakes and salad dressings. Simply put, a hand mixer can be quite handy whether you are making breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Your favorite mashed potatoes can be made in a jiffy with this handheld mixer. 

A handheld mixer is more convenient for small mixing tasks and can also function as a hand blender for some food items. Therefore, it is a practical food preparation tool for any homemaker. However, these portable mixers can only be used for small mixing tasks and not for batters or food with a heavy consistency. 

These mixers come with different attachments. Basic mixers accompany one set of beaters. Some models come with whisk attachments while high-end brands provide dough hooks as well. The attachments for a particular hand mixer depend on each brand. While basic ones offer only one pair of attachments, high-end brands often offer up to four pairs of attachments for their hand mixers. 

Types of Hand Mixer Attachments 

There are different types of hand mixer attachments. If you are not a baker, it would be confusing to identify the difference between different attachments that accompanies a hand mixer. Here are the most common types of attachments that come along with a hand mixer.


1. Strip Beaters

Strip beaters come in handy when you want to blend some eggs for breakfast. If you have a hand mixer with a strip beater you can quickly blend these eggs and pour them into a sizzling hot pan to make scrambled eggs. Strip beaters also help to mix thick fluids seamlessly.

Our hand blender BH1 comes with a stainless steel beater with sharp edges that will finish your mixing tasks with ease. Plus, the 12 speeds with turbo function makes mixing ingredients easy and as per your needs.


2. Whisks

Whisks are used to blend ingredients into a smooth texture. These are commonly used to whip egg whites into firm foam to make meringue, and cream into whipped cream. It can even be used for whipping egg whites that can be used for fluffy frostings and light chiffon cakes.  There are different types of whisks that serve different purposes when it comes to cooking. 

The most commonly found whisk is a balloon whisk which is shaped like a wide teardrop. Balloon whisks are best suited to mixing in bowls. Acekool hand mixer BH1 comes with a balloon whisk which can be used to whisk eggs and make your coffee milk foam. 

Other types of whisks include a French whisk, gravy whisk, flat whisk, cage whisk, etc.


3. Dough Hook

Since Christmas is almost here, a dough hook will be the most practical hand mixer attachment if you are planning to bake. However, do note that if you are making a large cake, the tiny hand mixer is going to take a lot of your time to mix the cake batter for you. 


If you are looking to make lots of delicious cakes this Christmas season, Acekool stand mixer is a better choice. It is everything you need for your new baking obsession.

Acekool stand mixer MC1

Dough hooks come in two shapes: c-shaped dough hook and spiral dough hook. Shaped like the letter C, the c-shaped dough hook is the first type of dough hook invented. It works by pushing the dough from the side of the mixing bowl to its center.

The spiral dough hook on the other hand is for kneading heavy doughs. Unlike the c-shaped dough hook which scrapes the dough from the walls of the bowl, it pushes the dough from the bottom of the bowl.


4. Stick Blender/ Blending Rod

This is usually shaped in the form of a long rod with a sharpened circular end. This rod is mainly for making fresh home-made juice. Check out the Acekool 5-in-1 Hand Blender. It accompanies a stick blender that has an easy attachment and can be set for making shakes, smoothies, and even soups.


A hand mixer should be chosen depending on your purpose. It is a convenient tool at home that can make mixing and blending food easy for you. Making some whipped cream for breakfast, a smoothie to carry to work or some meringue for dessert can all be easily carried out with a hand mixer.

But, do note that a hand mixer is not very convenient for mixing batter to bake cakes unless you are making small ones. Since a hand mixer is handheld, mixing cake batter can tire your hands because it can take you quite long to get the batter mixed and ready.

Hope our article gave you a clear picture of the different kinds of attachments that come along with a hand mixer.

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