The Ultimate Hair Volume Trick

The Ultimate Hair Volume Trick

Want Voluminous Hair? Here’s a Trick to Get Thick and Bouncy Hair in Few Minutes.

There are several occasions when you do not get time to do your hair. It’s either because you are too occupied with the work and drying your hair seems like a task in the middle of everything or you are just too lazy. What if we tell you a quick hack to style your hair without indulging in a series of hair products or an elaborate routine? Just a few steps and you’ll end up having thick, voluminous hair!

So what do you need to do? Well, not much, you just need the Acekool hair dryer and it does the work in few seconds. If you love to blow dry, you’ll know how magically it changes your hair adding volume and bounce to your hair. So, with Acekool hair dryer, you can be your own hairstylist!

The Acekool hairdryer uplifts your oily hair and adds the required volume to it. Yes, you can enjoy voluminous hair in few minutes, without using towels, or combing, as it might cause unwanted breakage and damages. So, here’s the ultimate hair volume trick. After all, who doesn’t love nice silky, bouncy hair that looks effortless!


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How To Get Thick Voluminous Hair?

You have mostly observed salon professionals handling hair dryers like a pro but it seems way more challenging when it comes to handling the dryer on your own. But it’s not any rocket science, so here are a few steps to get your thick, voluminous hair look in just a few minutes. Follow the steps closely and don’t forget to use your Acekool Hair Dryer.

  • Adjust the Temperature

Well, setting the right temperature is important, as excess heat often results in hair breakage. Start by turning the power button on and then hold the button to see whether the temperature mode is displayed or not. If you are using the Acekool hairdryer for the first time, then after the temperature is displayed, you can use the up/down keys to adjust the temperature. After you make the adjustments, the temperature light starts flashing once the appliance has reached the desired temperature. Once you set the temperature, it will get back to temperature mode.

So setting the temperature will assure that your hair does not get frizzy or damaged due to extra heat.

  • Check With the Speed Mode

Once you are done with adjusting temperature, press down the power button to move between the modes. And as you reach the wind speed mode, the wind indicator light will flash and you can change the wind speed depending on whether you want to just blow dry or add volume to your hair. That means you can protect your hair from getting split ends or unwanted hair fall due to combing your wet hair.

The best part is that the weather indicator remains on, for cool temperature it shows blue light, and for warm temperature it shows red light. Now, you can blow dry your hair by switching to a hot indicator. You can even switch to the cool indicator for that extra shiny look when you are done blow-drying in the hot mode. Isn’t it a super cool feature for a blow dryer?


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  • Comb and Dry

After you wash your hair, make sure you condition it well. Moisturizing is important — be it skin or hair! Once done, you can begin your first step to thicker voluminous hair. While your hair is still wet, just turn on the hairdryer.

Since your dryer has temperature and mode already set, you can just start by brushing your hair lightly. Divide them into smaller sections and blow-dry them along the length of your hair. A pro-tip for you — it’s more effective to start slow and then gradually increase the speed of the dryer. It has worked quite well for many!

Besides, if you want some sort of styling, then you can always go for soft curls or light waves. Easy to do with a hairdryer and definitely gives more volume to your hair. Just grab any round brush, roll your hair sections around it and dry it at high speed for a couple of seconds. Once done, slowly de-brush it and you’re ready to rock soft, voluminous waves.

Once you are done with your hair, you can turn off the appliance and unplug it. Remove it safely and place the appliance on an insulated surface until it cools down. Voila! You are salon-ready within a fraction of seconds.

Leaving the hair to dry naturally takes more time; hence, a hairdryer can take all the excess moisture in minutes, thereby, leaving a glossy effect.

If you are worried about convenience and time, the Acekool hairdryer is a combination of a blow dryer and a blow-drying brush. You don’t need to stress upon your hands and wrists to get this simple work done on a professional level.  Easy to handle and always ready to use!

So, now you can get super bouncy effortless hair with an Acekool blow dryer in minutes!