Stop Putting All These Odd Stuff in Your Blender To Clean It!

How to Clean Your Blender? And, Yes! It Can Be Done Without Using Odd Stuff… LOL!! 


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Have you come across weird kitchen appliance cleaning hacks on apps like TikTok and Instagram? Quite sure, you have! A recent TikTok video we came across shows how a woman puts glow sticks and dish wash liquid in a blender to clean it. Sounds weird, right, glow sticks in a blender? This might be a great way to show your kids a little fun experiment but definitely not a cool cleaning hack.

TikTok and Instagram reels often show you some cool hacks to clean your kitchen items like blenders and toasters. And some of them turn out to be really lame and stupid! Well, these videos need nothing more than a video from Khaby Lame — the famous TikToker. Just as, he debunks these exaggerated videos with nothing but a simple way or rather what is called the RIGHT WAY; cleaning your kitchen appliances also doesn’t need any special hack. No glow sticks or glue sticks! So, stop putting all these odd kinds of stuff in your blender. But if you’re intrigued by these experiments and still want to try them, then you should start saving some money first to buy a new appliance because, after such weird experiments, we’re sure your appliance might fail to survive.

If you want to really clean your kitchen appliances like your blender, then here are a few simple tips. Trust us, not some crazy hacks but easy and effective ones that would leave your kitchen items spic and span. So, let’s check out what these tips are:


  1. 30 Seconds Clean-Up

Honestly, you don’t need hours to clean a piece of your kitchen item. Just a few minutes and you get a clean appliance. And, sometimes you just need 30 seconds! Yes, this 30 seconds cleanup will leave your kitchen item freakishly spotless. Well, this hack suits best for a blender. In case you have a quality blender like AceKool, then this hack is just the best one. All you need to do is fill half your blender with warm water with a few drops of dishwashing soap and turn it on for few seconds. Mind you, no glow sticks are required. After 30 seconds, throw out the hot water, and…voila…your blender is spotlessly clean!


  1. Disassemble and Clean

Your blender is definitely a super cool appliance that can make smoothies and juices and even sauces. But sometimes that 30 seconds cleanup isn’t enough! Bits and pieces of food remain stuck in corners or edges. This creates a great environment for bacteria and germs and is not good for your body. So, let’s take up the old-school way of cleaning — disassemble the blades, scrub them, and the blender jar well with a little soap and sponge. Don’t forget to scrub the lid too! Wash off with water, and you get a spic and span blender.

  1. Baking Soda and Lemon Clean-Up

Does your blender still smell of food items even after washing it several times? Well, it’s not unusual! Blenders often retain the smell of different food items and just washing it with regular soap and water isn’t enough. So, here’s a cool hack to clean your blender and leave it smelling fresh. All you need to do is take a teaspoon of baking soda and lemon juice. Make a paste; scrub it thoroughly inside the blender, on the blades, and even on the exteriors. Leave it for a while and then wash it off. Also, wash it again with a little soap and water, and- bazinga- your blender is pristinely clean.

Cleaning your blender could be this simple and satisfying, but definitely not weird like the TikTok way! Don’t forget that to follow the safety manual of your kitchen appliances. Blenders, mixers, and whatever appliance you have, following the safety and cleaning manual will, indeed, keep them functioning without any hassle. You can surely go ahead and try some TikTok experiments in your blender but ensure you keep your cleaning tasks simple and real!