These Gadgets Can Help You To Cool Down

These Gadgets Can Help You To Cool Down

Summers are here and we understand your excitement too. Hiking, camping, pool parties, picnics, sailing, and whatnot are in store for you. We know most of you have plans to enjoy the summer with families and friends. However, you must be prepared to beat the heat as well. 

Perhaps, we know how you can cool down this summer and have fun. Acekool summer sale is on and here are 3 amazingly useful gadgets that can help you cool down. So, check out Acekool’s summer sale and pick your favorite. 


  1. Acekool Dehumidifier DB1

Staying indoors during summers is often difficult due to excessive heat. What comes in handy here is a dehumidifier. Not only does it reduce the moisture in the air but also pollens and allergens. Dehumidifiers improve air quality and cool the air inside. That means you might not even need Air Conditioner which in a way saves money. 

Having said that, the Acekool Dehumidifier DB1, a portable piece loaded with some useful features, is the perfect gadget you can use in the summer. With a powerful build, it can remove up to 300 ml of moisture per day. And, its Auto-Shut-Off feature automatically turns off the dehumidifier when the water tank is full. Besides, its auto-defrost mode (a frost control sensor) saves energy by stopping the dehumidifying function in environments below 15-degree C.

Further, it’s lightweight and is perfect for closed spaces other than your home. You can carry it along for your camps, car rides, and even on a yacht. This is a perfect solution to beat the summer heat!


  1. Acekool Fan ND2

Summers can make a lot of work tiresome and without proper air circulation, it just becomes all sweaty and messy. But what if you get Acekool Fan ND2? Well, yes, that’s what we want to suggest. Buying a rechargeable fan is a smart investment. Whether it’s your work desk or garden breakfast table, Acekool ND2 is lightweight and compact enough to fit in any place.

Built with 1 night light, 3 fan speeds, and 2 brightness levels, this Acekool rechargeable fan delivers powerful cooling. Besides, we love how its 135-degree rotation enables the fan to provide omnidirectional airflow. And, its powerful 2000rpm is the reason behind super-cooling.

So, this summer enjoy your time in the outdoors without being all sweaty using Acekool Fan ND2. From camping to sleeping, this portable fan is your best rapid cooling companion this summer!


  1. Acekool Hair Trimmer BT1 

 As we’re already beating the heat with a dehumidifier and fan, we thought of suggesting a personal grooming set too. Summers with shorter hair and smooth skin for beach bodies are very in vogue. Whether you want to go skinny dipping or just for a swim, getting rid of those winter growth is a must. And, for those with facial hair, nicely trimmed hair and a cleaner beard help a lot during summers. So, for this, you must try Acekool Hair Trimmer BT1 - 19-in-1 Cordless Grooming Kit. 

With 10 attachment combs and 90 minutes of cordless time, this trimmer set is suitable for different hair lengths. We absolutely love its precision trimmer that can give a clean hairline. Besides, the 19-in-1 multi-functional set works as a body, beard, hair, and nose trimmer along with micro-shaving. Easy to use and waterproof, this Acekool Hair Trimmer BT1 is a great choice for those who want a chiseled and clean summer look.  

The Acekool Summer Sale gadgets are indeed great options to beat the summer. So, grab your favorite refreshing cocktails and take a look at these Acekool products. Try out these cool gadgets to beat the heat!


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