How to Choose the Right Air Fryer? Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Air Fryer? Buying Guide

Acekool® Air Fryers buying guide

Crispy fried food has always been a tempting delicacy that is loved by all, especially if it is fried to perfection with little to no oil. This is where air fryers come into the picture. Air fryers promise you crispy fried delicacies without using much oil! Over the last few years, air fryers have made a lot of noise in the kitchen appliance industry. Now, the industry has developed so much that you can even get multi-functional Air fryers that can even replace the oven. 


If you have an interest in buying air fryers, there are a few factors you should ask before purchasing this little kitchen equipment. There is a multitude of options that you can choose from when it comes to air fryers, and Acekool’s air fryers are something that you can opt for. 


To help you choose, we’ve given a comparison of three air fryers from Acekool. Read on to learn more. 


What to Consider Before Buying an Air Fryer?


With a lot of Air Fryers options available in the market, choosing the best can be a daunting task. However, it is important to consider the capacity, presets, multi-functions, etc., while buying an air fryer. Below is a brief review of 3 Acekool Air Fryers to help you choose the best. 


Acekool Air Fryer FT1 - 20 Quart Air Fryer Oven with 10 Presets

An Air Fryer Oven is a combination of features of an air fryer and an oven. Compared to ordinary air fryers, air fryer ovens can hold more food. Acekool Air Fryer FT1 is a 10-in-1 machine that has multiple functions of Air fryer, mini-oven, broiler, dehydrator, toaster, etc. These 10 presets let you cook a variety of dishes, which is perfect for a small family gathering as well. The product comes with 20QT capacity, which means, you’ll end up cooking the meals for a family much quicker than usual.


 As the product has double stainless steel heating pipes on top and thermal circulation fans on the bottom, you need not worry about the cooking, all parts of your dish will be evenly cooked. Cooking time is also cut in half with 1800W high power, making it easier to cook even larger quantities quickly. Just open the fryer door and the machine will turn off automatically!


  • Basket Capacity: 20qt
  • Preset Functions: 10
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Temperature Control: (80 to 200) ℃/ (180 to 400) ℉
  • Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz(US) / 230 V, 50 Hz(EU)
  • Net Weight: 9 kg / 19.8 lb



Acekool Air Fryer FT2 - 8.5 Quart Digital Air Fryer with Window


The Acekool Air Fryer FT2 is an excellent choice for people looking for a fryer that consumes less oil to cook food without sacrificing the flavor part. This one-of-a-kind fryer rotates 360° to ensure that food is flawlessly roasted from every angle. This function also aids in ensuring that the crispiness and juiciness of the food stay even on all sides, resulting in the best-fried products. The air fry option also reduces the fat content by 85% compared to the traditional frying method, as they use a low quantity of oil or no oil at all.


The fryer has a transparent window and an 8-preset digital touch-screen. Hence, all you have to do to cook your favorite meal is to touch the screen and set the required option. Furthermore, the 8.5-quart size allows you to cook, roast, or bake food for the entire family. Because the air fryer is fully dishwasher safe, you won't have to worry about cleaning as well! 


  • Basket Capacity: 8.5 qt / 8 L
  • Preset Functions: 8
  • Power: 1700 W (US) / 1800 W (DE)
  • Temperature Control: (80 to 200) ℃/ (180 to 400) ℉
  • Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Time Range: (1~30) min
  • Net Weight: 13.77 lb / 6.2 kg


Acekool Air Fryer FT4 - 2.2 Quart Digital Air Fryer with 8 Presets


Whether it is a movie night snack or a quick, tasty breakfast for a busy day, with Acekool Air Fryer FT4, you can cook them all without being tense about the food being oily at all! This fryer comes with an 8-cooking presets LCD screen, which makes your cooking easier as all it needs is a mere click. And, even if you are not a great cook, you need not worry at all as this pack comes with a cookbook as well. Choose your favorite recipe, set the cooking preset and that’s it. Your food will be ready and the fryer will take care of the temperature and time required to cook the dish. You can prepare food for up to one to two people or a small family with its 2 L basket.


The product uses 1000W High Power for Fast Cooking which cooks food using convection air heating. If you are thinking the product is heavy and it’ll be difficult to move here and there, Acekool Air Fryer FT4 is lightweight and movable. Cleaning the machine is also not a headache as all the parts of the product are covered with a non-sticking painting coat and hence, dishwasher safe. 


  • Basket Capacity: 2.2 qt / 2 L
  • Preset Functions: 8
  • Power: 1000 W
  • Temperature Control: (80 to 200) ℃/ (180 to 400) ℉
  • Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Timer: 60 min
  • Net Weight: 4.4 lb / 2 kg








    Capacity 20 quarts 8.5 quarts 2.2 quarts
    Cooking Presets 10 8 8
    Temperature Range 90~400  180~400  130~400 
    Cooking Time Setting 1~60 min 1~30 min 1~60 min
    Dehydration Function × ×
    Dehydration Time Setting 1~24 hr × ×
    Window ×
    Wattage 1800 Watt 1700 Watt 1000 Watt
    Product Dimensions 13.4 x 14.6 x 15.4 in. 16.6 x 14.9 x 14.8 in. 8.3 x 8.3 x 12 in.
    Weight 19.8 lb 13.7 lb 4.4 lb
    Control Method Touch Touch Touch
    Auto Shut-Off
    Nonstick Coating
    BPA Free

    Dishwasher-Safe Parts


    Now you can easily compare the functions of each model and make a decision. However, if we have to recommend one, we’d suggest FT2 or FT1 Acekool Air Fryers as they have more basket capacity as well as the preset options. If your requirements are different, you can always compare these and choose one that suits your needs.

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