5 Reasons to Own a Stand Mixer During COVID-19 Lockdown

5 Reasons to Own a Stand Mixer During COVID-19 Lockdown

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COVID -19 was the worst thing to happen in 2020; however, the only good thing that came out of it was that people could spend time with their near and dear ones. Everyone resorted to some activity or the other and cooking/baking topped the list. So, if this baking session has somehow interested you and you want to keep at it, we say owing a stand mixer during the Covid -19 lockdown is really helpful.

Sometimes prepping the ingredients for cooking or baking can be an arduous task. Dough or batter mixing, egg whisking can be quite a manual job all the time. Moreover, remember you’re also working from home and you can’t be spending a lot of time whisking and kneading. So, the best helping hand here would be a stand mixer. Be it a cheesecake or the trending Dalgona coffee, your whisking, beating, or mixing tasks would become really easy with a stand mixer. High-performing ones like the Acekool 7L Affordable Tilt-Head Electric Stand Mixer can save you so much time.

So, if baking/cooking has kept you on your feet, then here are 5 reasons to own a stand mixer during COVID-19 lockdown.

Hands-free baking

What could be better than hands-free baking, wherein you just have to pour in all ingredients in the mixing bowl and the rest is handled by just one appliance- the stand mixer? Well, even a simple mechanism of cooking/baking highlights the process of prepping the ingredients, mixing them one by one but most of you end up getting exhausted in the process itself. Stirring and mixing for hours together not only gets a little hard for your hands but also consumes a lot of time.

So, if you are inclined to baking this lockdown, owning a stand mixer will definitely cut down your fatigue and time consumption a lot. Not to mention, you get the fluffiest doughs and well-mixed batter without doing much.  All thanks to a stand mixer.

Various Attachments for Everyday Cooking

Whether it’s your regular dinner or a special brunch on weekend, your cooking becomes quite easy with a stand mixer. Also, considering the lockdown wherein ordering food or eating outside has become quite risky, owning a stand mixer can surely make tasks like kneading dough or making sauces a lot easier.

Typically, these stand mixers come with different types of attachments such as dough hook, wire whisk hook, and flat beater hook. With these attachments, you can easily make a mix a variety of ingredients to make various dishes/cuisines. You can make use of these attachments to prepare your favorite spaghetti along with some lip-smacking desserts for your weekend special dinners.

Besides, the lockdown has brought families together on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. But what’s a celebration without a cake, right? Since you don’t want to take risk of ordering one, this is where a stand mixer does the job for you. Your cake batter will be ready in no time; you will have a fluffy and delicious cake undoubtedly. This is why you need a stand mixer during the Covid-19 lockdown so that without spending much time in the kitchen, you have an amazing family time.

Programmable Appliance

Stand mixers these days are quite advanced kitchen appliances with programmable options. This serves as a great benefit considering that you get to choose the speed, food settings, and even set the timer. Making your job another step easier with its programmable aspects especially in this lockdown time, stand mixers are the most unique product on the market today.

Since most of you are working from home, you will agree that besides the office you also have tons of other chores to manage, be it cleaning or cooking. Here, you can manage your chores and the cooking all at once. Prep your dinner/ lunch/ breakfast, set the timer on the stand mixer, then you can easily shift to your other chores or office work. As the timer goes up, you just have to gather the batter/dough/ sauce and complete the dish.

It not only saves a lot of your time but makes multitasking easier. Plus, no more skipping lunches during work from home, as a stand mixer reduces your prep time almost by half. So, get your stand mixer today but don’t forget to check with the programmable settings before buying one.

Versatility, Efficiency, and Reliability

Owning a stand mixer is a great advantage considering the different types of functionalities. But amidst this lockdown, such an appliance becomes a savior when you feel like trying new cuisines or dishes. Being a powerful, reliable, and versatile product, stand mixers have gradually become quite an obsession among avid bakers and many cooking enthusiasts. From making dough to pizza to baking cupcakes, a stand mixer can do it all, plus it lasts for years.

Undoubtedly, stand mixers, especially the ones like Acekool 7L Affordable Tilt-Head Electric Stand Mixer, are not just powerful but also a reliable product with 3 years of warranty. Rather than investing in multiple appliances like a blender, whiskers, and so on, just get a stand mixer to enjoy your lockdown baking, cooking, and sometimes experimenting too!

No Messy Kitchen

Since the lockdown, everyone has dived into cleaning and sanitizing all over the house. Definitely, cleaning isn’t an easy-peasy work and especially when it comes to cleaning a messy kitchen. But are your lockdown cravings making things a little difficult? With cravings to try new cuisines or try a hand in baking, most of you must have tried ended up creating a lot of mess in your kitchen. Since, baking and cooking require mixing of batters, whisking, and whatnot! So, it turns out that your kitchen countertop ends up with spills and splatters, making it all messy. But not with a stand mixer!

Well, owning a stand mixer ensures no mess at all. Everything stays within the bowl and you can control it accordingly, whether you want to stop the rotation or change the speed. So, reduce your workload with a stand mixer while you satisfy your cravings!

According to us, these are 5 reasons to own a stand mixer during COVID-19 lockdown.  Invest in one and save yourself from the messy cooking and baking process. Now you can indulge in baking some amazing cakes and desserts, everything, in no time!

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